Blue (bluepunk) wrote,


Overall I’m down 6lbs since the start of the year.

I’m not losing at the rate I would like, but I’ve made mistakes and had “cheat” meals here and there along to way, so overall I’m still really proud! I’m so happy to have a good support group in my friends & family, I was obsessed with getting like 5 Heath bars last night but I was talked out of it and am happier for it.

My sweet basil seeds have sprouted and I’m SO EXCITED and can’t wait to grow more stuff in the coming year.

I’ve been keeping up with my daily sketch & French lessons, flossing, and taking my supplements. I take a multi vitamin, St Johns Wort and Iron.

I got my first supporter on Ko-Fi, I’m humbled and ecstatic and it feels so good to be supported! I’m one more step closer to tattoo school, I even sent an email off with a few questions that I have and I hope to hear back from them soon. I’m feeling more confident each day 💪🏻


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