Yoshi Dance!


I made the decision to try for a tattoo apprenticeship, so I’ve been forcing myself out of my comfort zone and doing at least one sketch a day, but sometimes is frustrating because all I see is me as a little kid trying to draw Nintendo characters and not understanding why I couldn’t make them look good.

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Raine Maida//Blue

The Third Day

Yesterday was not awesome. I started out with a veggie wrap that added up to an amount of calories that didn’t make any sense, so by lunch I had to skimp on my meal (just some 100 calorie yogurt) to try to save enough calories for dinner. Well, I broke. I was starving and weak and I overindulged myself. It was a shameful sight, but I’ve forgiven myself. During the day I felt an overwhelming sense of exhaustion to the point where I absolutely had to lay down, while still battling a lingering headache. While I’m not proud of my dinner choice, I still got my daily sketch and French lesson done. I’m still better than I was yesterday, and I woke up today and was at the same weight. Baby steps.